Corporate Attacks on Our Laws  

If you are sick of big corporations rigging the system to their benefit at the expense of people and the planet, you will be outraged by the latest corporate power grab: Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). ISDS empowers multinational corporations to sue our governments before panels of three corporate lawyers. These corporations need only convince the corporate lawyers that a law or safety regulation violates their new investor rights. The corporate lawyers can award the corporations unlimited sums to be paid by America's taxpayers, including for the loss of expected future profits the corporations claim they would have earned if the domestic law was never enacted. The corporate lawyers’ decisions are not subject to appeal and the amount they can order taxpayers to give corporations has no limit.

The ugly reality of the ISDS system can no longer be ignored. Get outraged when you learn about dozens of real-life ISDS attacks and the billions in taxpayer compensation tribunals of corporate lawyers have ordered to be paid to corporations. Get inspired by governments and public figures who are standing up to say "No!" to this extreme corporate power grab. Get engaged to stop multinational corporations' attempts to expand their power at the expense of the rest of us.


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